Ancestor gatherings, being surrounded by my 8 grandchildren, socializing with friends accompanied by a great banquet if possibletravelling leisurely and after everything else but not least - as my Benfica win! Talent for music.

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Freedom is the ability to be yourself, without impeding on the freedom of others. Relato poco que aconteceu comigo ou com os outros, coisas comuns a todos. From this observation came the idea of replicating the tiles using the toys all the rage my style of work. The work was made using broken down dolls, toys that are discarded. How did you come ahead with that idea? One of your pet hates? A Utopia, in which all people can live in dignity and amity. I continue to think so as to Portugal is the best countryside in the world to live. Como chegou a esta ideia?

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Adorava saber tocar bem alguns aperos e sobretudo saber cantar bem! The winner is A arteirice dos Playmobil de Sobral cruza o mundo micro com o macro, a inocência da infância com temas da vida adulta, a imobilidade com o movimento. What are your favourite qualities in a man? If you could be someone else who would you like it en route for be?

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Can you repeat that? do you intend to convey through your art? I achieve materials for my works all the rage different places depending on the need of the setting, materials I find in newsagents, doll stores, product models… but as a rule I do things with can you repeat that? I find at the scene. Qual seria uma morte perfeita? From this observation came the idea of replicating the tiles using the toys in my style of work. Continuo a pensar que Portugal é o melhor país do mundo para se viver. What do you stand up for? Qual o seu herói? The focus of my work is life itself, the everyday scenes that reveal my past, my thoughts, my traumas and my joys — a continuous narrative in daily life, which can be common to anyone.

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