The latest Version is absolutely absolute, so Wim was able en route for do with some steps a one of a kind product. Como mudo minha senha de operador?

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Using M1 and M5 Conservative only, Works great! Como mudo minha conta MT4 para uma universal ou livre de swap? I had high hopes for this EA, but after running the Ultimate portfolio for over 2 months I think its age to stop the bleeding after that give this EA and my account balance a rest. Quanto posso mudar meu código PIN? I do appreciate that increasing the stop loss and dip the TP targets may not be optimal for overall performance but robustness of strategy should take precedence over optimized profits. Certifique-se de ler e concordar com o nosso Contrato accomplish Cliente antes de começar a negociar. Posso abrir uma fatura livre de swap Islâmica?

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First of all, you haven't abuse all pairs and strategies - over half of pairs I have lefted only 5 pairs for second strategy have a very bad results in longterm. You ought to make your own due dilligence, apply the sets you feel comfortable along with, see: Use seu endereço de e-mail e nova senha para fazer o login. I bidding update again in a few months. Removed from real account, but will keep an discernment on how it does on demo.

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Quanto removo minha conta do Monitoramento? Is it too early en route for get back in the water? Você pode selecionar alavancagem de 1: Update

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But this does't help, I'll only run ultimate portfolio. Also, the profit targets are trying en route for reach beyond obvious Support after that Resistance levels which means TPs are harder to come as a result of. I had high hopes for this EA, but after running the Ultimate portfolio for above 2 months I think its time to stop the blood loss and give this EA after that my account balance a rest. Que alavancagem devo escolher? Perhaps it's time for developer en route for optimize it, in the for now I removed. Ultimate setup is not the only setup; 3. I have noticed on occasions that the SL is locate incorrectly - just where the stop hunters would look. O que faço agora?