Bidding announce the breaking news all the rage the screen of everyone. Bidding display a message in the top of the screen.

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Bidding Set the playerid as Boxing champion. Will Set the virtual world of the Player. Bidding Suicide. JOB - Materials Smuggler:: Will start the lotto continuing. JOB - Arms Dealer::

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Activity - Detective:: Will sell the bizzid chosen. Will Kick a person that is above of the level designed. Will display the Time and Date for all.

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Bidding Display a list of the last 6 Reports. Will adjust everyone's weather to the elect weatherid. JOB - Whore:: Activity - Street Sweeper:: JOB - Drug Dealer:: Will give the drugs amount chosen to the playerid. Will Tell the Actor his old player id.

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Bidding send a GameText with the chosen style. JOB - Drug Dealer:: JOB - Arms Dealer:: Will remove the amount of money chosen from the playerid. Will edit the stat selected of the house that the administrator is standing at. Bidding cancel the hitman contract on a player. Will Set the virtual world of the Actor. Will start the lotto after that set the winning number campeón the chosen one.

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Bidding Set the player as non-checked See anticheat feature. Will adjust the player and everyone near on fire. Will Display a list of warned people. Bidding start the lotto and adjust the winning number as the chosen one. Will set the player's money to the elect amount. Will teleport the administrator outside the houseid. JOB - Drug Dealer::